Positive Lightning

I am proud to announce my latest book, Positive Lightning was released today. Look for your print copy and/or e-book version at BlueFeatherBooks.com, Bellabooks.com or Amazon.com.


Kate Winter teaches dog owners how to train their canine companions. During her spare time, accompanied by her Lab, Dakota, she explores the woods and beaches on foot or horseback. She’s worried that something’s happening in her relationship, but she can’t get her girlfriend to talk to her about it.

Faith Hutchins recently lost her sight after a terrible outdoor accident. She’s dealt with anger, depression, and her blindness primarily on her own. A seeing-eye dog would help alleviate her reliance on anyone else, but the guide dog school has been unsuccessful in providing her with one. On a mission to find someone who will train a dog specifically for her, she ultimately zeroes in on Kate.

They say lightning never strikes the same place twice. But positive lightning is notoriously unpredictable and can ignite a fire when and where least expected… no matter who’s in its path.Image

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Some Things That Make me Tick

Fellow author and friend, AJ Adaire, took a particular liking to one of my photos and asked to interview me. Please follow this link to some very intriguing questions and answers.


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Provincetown or Bust

Women’s Week in Provincetown, MA, located out on the far tip of Cape Cod, starts on Columbus Day every year. This year’s dates are October 14th through the 20th.

This will be my second trip out there as a published author. Last year I was proud to have my debut book, A Kiss Before Dawn in hand for everybody to see….including singer, songwriter Cris Williamson.


My second book, Right Out of Nowhere was released earlier this year and I will be bringing copies of that as well.

So here’s my appearance schedule….but don’t let that keep you from stopping to say hello if you happen to see me wandering around.

Thursday, October 17th:

9:30am. to 11am. The Breakfast Club Readings, Napi’s Restaurant Upstairs, 7 Freeman Street. Bring your breakfast to go and coffee. This group of best selling authors will include Lynn Ames, Marianne Martin, Sally Bellerose, Rachel Spangler, Melissa Brayden, and myself. We’ll be reading from current works and probably telling stories…which may or may not be true. You can never tell with this group.

11:45am. to 12:30pm. The Sage Inn, 336 Commercial Street. The Golden Crown Literary Society Author Chat. Sally Bellerose will be moderating (yeah, right) Rachel Spangler, Karen Badger, ,Sophia Kell Hagin and myself. Bring your questions…we can handle it!

4pm. to 6pm. Fairbanks Inn, 90 Bradford Street. Book signing with Lynn Ames, Rachel Spangler, Sally Bellerose, Marianne Martin, and myself. Bring your books and we’ll sign them…whether we’ve written them or not. I will have books available for purchase.

Friday, October 18th:

10:30am. to 11:15am. Womencraft, 376 Commercial Street. Meet the Blue Feather Books Authors. I’ll be joined by Karen Badger, Gato Timberlake, and debut author, Barb Valletto. Stop by and say hi…there’ll be books for sale, and of course we’ll sign them.

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Hold Them Closer

Four days ago I received a call from a fellow horsewoman.  I met Kate years ago when I bought a horse from her, a dog (Sadie) from her sister, and attended one of her horsemanship clinics. Kate didn’t call to socialize, although in normal circumstances, she is a riot to talk to. We weren’t close, but beyond the above, we did share one very good friend: Jim Lubig.

Jim had been Kate’s farrier for twenty years and mine for seventeen. He was the first man to put a hand on every foal born on this farm. When he first started working on my horses, he had a loud voice and would address the horses in same. But as we slowly crossed the line of a client/farrier relationship into friendship, that changed. He taught me a lot about hoof trimming (he actually supplied me with all of my shoeing tools) and he watched how I treated my horses. His voice suddenly became less boisterous and he had more patience with them.

Kate called to tell me that Jim had had a massive heart attack. His doctors put him in a medically induced coma to prevent further damage to his heart. The news was a shock of course. He’d appeared healthy and full of energy when I’d last saw him.

Over the years, we exchanged Christmas cards, recipes, wild game. On days he was scheduled to do my horses, he more often than not would bring me something he’d cooked up and I’d bring him a mug of coffee to drink in between trimming hooves. He’d get out of his truck and say, “Hi, kiddo!” We used to laugh about how when he was here, it was more therapy for us and he just worked on my horses for something to do while we laughed and talked. He always signed his receipts, “Jim, farrier dude.” I always wrote “client/therapist” on the check memo line.

Today…today Kate called me again….this time to tell me Jim had passed away this morning. We both cried while holding the phones to our ears. We had not only lost an excellent farrier, but a helluva friend.

What the fuck, Jim! You didn’t even give us a chance to say goodbye. If I’d known you weren’t going to be here today for your scheduled appointment, I would’ve given you a hug six weeks ago when you put me on your schedule.

When I ended the call with Kate, I wiped my tears, gathered the dogs and went for a walk in the fields. I realized there was so much I didn’t know about my friend. I never met Pam, his partner of almost twenty years. I’d never been to his house, or invited him for dinner here. Why? I don’t know. Maybe because we always had that scheduled appointment when he’d always show up on time and get me laughing straight away.

Jim taught me a couple of very valuable lessons with his passing. Hold your friends closer and be a better friend and partner. I just wish he hadn’t left this world before I showed him that myself.

Giant Swallowtail-4330

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It’s Not Just US.

I had one of the most wonderful weekends ever. My partner, wife, and bestest friend, Linda and I had an “us” weekend. We kayaked (in brand new boats she surprised me with), read, went to the movies with friends, walked the dogs, napped, went out to lunch, talked, all the while reconnecting. I fell in love with her for about the million gazillionth time.

Laurie in kayak-3119

We were in our own little world, oblivious to what was happening in the far out reaches of humanity…..until I found out that someone I met on Facebook and have grown very fond of was shot. Twice. By a child in Afghanistan. Fortunately the wounds aren’t serious and she is expected to make a full recovery and continue her work in the military.

So while we were relaxing and having fun, she was on patrol, all senses on extreme alert. As we enjoyed our glasses of cold beer and wine, she rationed warm water from a canteen. We lounged in shorts, t-shirts and sandals. She wore a military uniform, helmet and army boots. We sat in air-conditioning. She sweated under a fierce desert sun. We reclined and read books. She held her weapon at the ready with orders to carry it everywhere and sleep with one hand on it. Linda and I were together. She was separated from loved ones. We ate fresh corn-on-the-cob. No doubt she scooped a commercially prepared meal from a can.

Linda and I are only two of the millions who may have spent the weekend having fun and relaxing. At the same time, troops countless miles away worked to stay alert, stay safe, and stay alive. My friend who I fondly call Soldier Girl is one of them.

There are few days where we don’t hear of one of our own having been wounded or killed overseas. But let’s enlarge the picture here. There are several countries who have troops stationed in the Middle East other than the US: France, Italy, Canada, Australia, Poland, Romania, the UK, just to name a few. Each member of those troops, woman or man, is doing the exact same thing. Serving in their country’s military.

I’m not trying to make a political statement. Anybody who knows me, knows I avoid politics like plague. The point I am trying to make is this. True, each of those troops was sent to protect their country. But as a combined entity, aren’t their efforts protecting the world? I believe they are. And for that, I’d like to extend my most heartfelt and humble thank you to Soldier Girl and all the troops, whatever country’s uniform you wear. You’re in my thoughts every single day. Stay safe and watch your back. Bluebird-3752

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Have a listen!

I was a guest on the Liz McMullen show and we talked in detail about Right Out of Nowhere. http://www.thelizmcmullenshow.com/episode25/

Leave a comment on her website for a chance to win a book of your choice.Image

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The Search and the Rescue

This past weekend I was a guest on Women and Words. You can check out my blog right here:


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