The Seductress

She’s a tease, plain and simple. She stands hidden in the shadows, behind another, making me wait for just the tiniest hint of her presence. She steps into the light, giving me the barest of glimpses before fading back into the dark. Every once in a while I smell the fragrance she wears, but that too fades with time, making it just a distant memory. Then, she is announced. She struts boldly forward, letting me see more of her. Being the tease she is, she turns her back. I know she is slowly undressing. She walks away and the other returns with a devilish grin, not ready to relinquish the stage. The other backs away again and the one that arouses every single sense that is part of me, returns to seduce me further. The lighting changes so I see only what she wants me to. Slowly, slowly, she strips away all the layers I’ve dreamed of removing, until she shows me what I so badly want and need. I feel hot and cold all at once, wanting, desiring. She comes closer still until she is all I see, smell, hear, feel. She gives me flowers to apologize for making me wait….my complete attention is given to her. She demanded it. By now she has shed everything and she lets me have all of her.

Spring is my Seductress and Winter is her keeper.


About laurie salzler

novelist, outdoor enthusiast, animal lover, dog trainer
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2 Responses to The Seductress

  1. Barrett says:

    well, well, aren’t you a devil. And so easy. Seduced once again as you always are…

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