Go west you women!

Well, it’s official. Linda and I are selling our New York farm *sniff* and moving back to the farm in Michigan, better known as the “little house on the prairie hill.” We knew it would only be a five year stay here, but all the same within the first few months I was completely head over heels in love with my woods and the wildlife that resides in it. Anybody who has read any of my previous blogs could tell you that. I’ll have to reacclimate myself to the treeless property. But, the horses will be happy as they’ll be able to graze in huge pastures once again. The dogs will have a much bigger backyard, and I’ll have a much smaller house to clean. But, I digress.

Moving a farm is a lot of work. When we relocated to western New York, it was a pretty big deal. With 6 horses, 6 dogs, 35 chickens, 17 cats, a rabbit, and some essential farm equipment, it had to be.

My brother helped us out by hauling the farm equipment for us. Since I have a three horse trailer and at the time we had the 6 horses, we made a decision for me to haul two of the horses and hire a horse-hauling company to carry the other four.

The trip went well. Bill and I were able to keep within a mile or ten of each other, but at some point we got separated and he ended up being about fifteen minutes behind me. I suspect his bladder is smaller than mine. After almost 8 rainy hours on the road, when I finally rolled into the Thruway toll exit, we were all antsy to get out and stretch our legs. As I handed the toll collector my ticket and money, she looked into the cab of my truck and saw two of the dogs watching her. Of course being the Jack Russells, they were, they wagged their tails. Then she said something. And the other four stood up from behind my seat. “Wow, how many do you have in there?” I’m not even sure she heard my reply because all of a sudden her gaze continued toward the back of my truck, where all the chickens had traveled in various cages. “Oh my,” she said. “Chickens too?” I politely smiled and told her, yes, and I have 17 cats in the dressing room of my trailer and two horses in the back. I think I rendered her completely speechless at that point. That is until Bill pulled up to pay his tolls. According to him, she was quite animated about the crazy lady that had just driven through with a ton of animals. He let her finish and then informed her that the rest of my horses were in his trailer. He left her with her mouth gaping open and closed like a fish with nothing coming out.

We’re down to four horses, five dogs, several chickens, and twelve cats now, but we’ve added another bunny. I don’t think I’ll need to hire a hauler this time, but I will open a bottle of wine once we arrive at the Michigan farm.

Michigan ETA is sometime in May. So if you hear stories along the highway about a mess of animals being hauled down the road… yeah, probably me.



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4 Responses to Go west you women!

  1. Karen Wolfer says:

    Thanks for the blog post. It is always fun to read about the adventures of others. Perhaps after you land back in MI, you can post some pics of the land. I hope the adjustment period for everyone goes smoothly in May. At least most of the snow will be gone. Maybe.

  2. Barrett says:

    Glad you blogged this, otherwise I’d have no clue. Good luck with the menagerie!

  3. Jo says:

    I did wonder about how you were going to move all the animals!

  4. Well that would be a sight to see lol but I doubt you’ll plan a route thru Boston so I’ll just have to wait for the “stories from the road” lol.

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