Pending Excitement and Much Happy Dancing

This morning I got word that A Kiss Before Dawn went to the printer. O. M. G.! After working on the manscript for nearly two and a half years, it seems somewhat surreal that my dream of having a book published would come to fruition.

In case you missed it somewhere along the line, I made a trailer for the book. Holy crap! I had no idea it would take so time, work, curse words and tenacity to make something that would appeal to people.

I watch it almost everyday. It’s something I’m proud of, yes, but it inspires me to write more. I can sit down at the computer, pick some dog hair out of the keys and get to work with a cup of tea on my mouse pad. The dog snoring doesn’t usually bother me, unless it goes from soft rattling to the dreaded sound of one of them retching up something they gulped down outside before I could get them to stop. Then I have to have a roll of paper towels next to my tea. At any rate, I keep on writing despite some unplanned interruptions.

Here’s a look at the trailer to tide you over until you get the book in your hot little hands. I can’t wait! …and I so hope you enjoy it….the trailer and the book.


About laurie salzler

novelist, outdoor enthusiast, animal lover, dog trainer
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5 Responses to Pending Excitement and Much Happy Dancing

  1. Bev Prescott says:

    It’s a beautiful trailer and an awesome book. I’m so happy for you, and I know that your readers are going to absolutely love “A Kiss Before Dawn.” Please keep writing. Yours is a voice the rest of us want to read.

  2. laycegardner says:

    It’s awesome and you’re awesome, too! I’m dancing with you!

  3. Great pic of a dog looking at the fence but I couldn’t find a way to start it if it was to show or listen to something.. maybe just me or lack of coffee.

  4. Never mind it showed up right after I posted the above..sorry. Awesome trailer, now to not bite my nails off waiting to get my hands on it!

  5. Woot woot and big congrats, Laurie — and great job on the trailer!

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