My Oxygen Tank

In a less than two weeks I’ll be forced to say goodbye to a community of friends who have been a huge comfort and inspiration to me for the past 5 1/2 years. Whenever they beckoned, I couldn’t resist their call, whatever the season, the temperature, the weather…my mood, my energy level.







And so I’d go to them. I’d stand humbly at their feet, or walk quietly among their young and old. I’d close my eyes and listen. Their whispers infused calmness throughout my entire body. I’ve inhaled their breath and better than any drug, it opened my mind and gave me clarity. I could breathe. My troubles and concerns got shoved into shadowed and deeper recesses of my brain…maybe for a minute, if lucky, for the rest of the day.






Meanwhile, the dogs were able to run amuck and do their own sort of visiting.






Birds sang and flitted overhead, adding their own special music to the chorus of the trees.






I was fortunate to witness, not once, but two years in a row, the phenomenal migration of Monarchs. That was a true gift.






I do my best thinking in the woods…always have. Even before writing became a serious endeavor. As a child and then young adult, I discovered that scars that ran deeper than my skin didn’t seem to hurt as badly. When I tell Linda, “I’m going to the woods,” she knows that I’m seeking my special kind of therapy in the healing touch of the trees.

 This family of trees, shrubs, undergrowth, birds and other wildlife, and I will soon part ways. I will always be grateful because it’s due to their influence that I will seek out another similar family to further guide me along.


About laurie salzler

novelist, outdoor enthusiast, animal lover, dog trainer
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6 Responses to My Oxygen Tank

  1. Thats beautiful Laurie…..I wish you both the very best for your move as you go “home” to your other farm.

  2. Beth says:

    I hope your new home offers you the same comfort, peace and family.

  3. revalb says:

    Thanks, Laurie. This is wonderful and as someone contemplating a move far from friends and supports, it gives me some hope in your sharing your journey. I wish you all the best.


  4. bevprescott says:

    I love this blog. Your words made me feel the woods. I wish you and Linda all the best for your move. I hope you find new friends (woods) that give you as much comfort as these. Safe travels, kiddo.

  5. I pray that you and Linda and the kids can find a place or places at the new homestead that will do for you the same things.

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