A precipice and no doubt about it.

Precipice Of Doubt 300 DPI

“We need a sequel – I don’t think their story has finished. I can still feel their voices in my head…”


And that’s how Precipice of Doubt was born. The rumbling and ticking of ideas started before the ink had dried on our ‘The End’ statement with To Be Determined. Mardi and I talked the ideas over, made a start, and were well on the way to creating another exciting Aussie tale, when our fearless and tenacious editor held up a metaphorical hand that was more powerful than a stop sign, and asked us whose character voices were speaking the loudest. At first, the main characters from To Be Determined, Pip and Charlie, came to mind, but it was their co-stars who become the headliners in Precipice of Doubt. This was to become Jodi and Cole’s story.


Surveyor’s Swamp (photo by Bob Simpson)

A core strength of the tapestry of this story belongs to friendship, weave in a budding romance, the excitement of new love, uncertainty, a couple bucket loads of doubt, some animal stories that capture your heart, and, as the final kicker, throw in the majestic Australian wilderness and some hair-raising moments to bring it all on home.


Charlie’s Gap (photo by Bob Simpson)

Animals are a key element in both of our everyday lives and this series has provided a lot of fun being able to share that with our readers. But the star material that drives what we share, and what people ask us about all the time, is Australia. What is it like to live in a country with such extremes – the wilderness, the mountains, the wide open spaces, the cities, town, beaches, its unique wildlife, and of course spiders as big as hatchback cars? A land, who supposedly, has every poisonous, vicious type of animal imaginable, and then some more, in case the first 70 didn’t get you the first time around.


Dandahra Crags (photo by Bob Simpson)

We hope you enjoy Precipice of Doubt. We hope you lose sleep, staying up late at night to read ‘just one more’ page. We hope we make you smile, think and maybe even dream a little. Most importantly, we hope that a little bit of Australia creeps into your heart, but never your sleeping bag.

Special thanks to Bob for allowing us to use some of his photographs that perfectly reflected the images in our heads, and which we think you’ll recognise while you read Precipice of Doubt.


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1 Response to A precipice and no doubt about it.

  1. Joan James says:

    I have read Precipice of Doubt and loved it. Reading this post today has made me want to read it again and I will. I live in a section of New York state which is near the ‘Gunks – the Shawangunk Mountains – and these pictures, especially Charlie’s Gap are very like the rock formations there. And I’ve never been to Australia, but in January of ‘99 I spent 5 wonderful weeks in New Zealand with 3 hiking friends and it was our best trip ever! The Milford Trek was a definite magnet for us and we even met some local folks who knew of the ‘Gunks because they were rock climbers. Small world, isn’t it. Now I’m ready for your sequel to Precipice, please. Sincerely, Joan James jjhiker4@hvc.rr.com

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