A Bit About Myself

I grew up in a small agricultural town in western New York. The town is so little it has only one street light…a blinking one that given it’s located on an incredibly steep hill, it’s near impossible to stop at in the winter. Locals call it ‘the hope and pray’ intersection.

Animals, most notably dogs, cats and horses have been a constant during my life.

The most influential person in my life was my grandmother. She taught me the techniques of survival I would need throughout my life. She was the best example of what love should and could be.

I attended Finger Lakes College in Canandaigua, NY majoring in Natural Resources Conservation and Outdoor Recreation, where I developed my interest and skills in the natural world. It’s also where I came out as a lesbian and had my first relationship with a woman. 

I am fortunate that an abundance of wildlife crosses paths with me every day and provides me additional fodder for stories and insight for musings; I will gladly share with my readers.

I started writing poetry in my teens, but when I went to college, I switched to writing short stories for amusement.  “A Kiss Before Dawn” was my first novel.

9 Responses to A Bit About Myself

  1. Tim Salzler says:

    Laurie –

    After a thorough read of your website I’m guessing we are about the same age and both from around Springville – I just can’t figure out which aunt (or was it the other side of the family?) your grandmother was… I’d love to know. Hope we can get in touch –

    Fairly obviously your cousin,

    Tim Salzler

    And by the way, I really like your writing – wish I would have inherited that piece of DNA…

  2. Judy says:

    Reading your blogs was total enjoyment this morning. Beautiful thoughts and writings.

  3. Carolyn says:

    Loved the book and am ready for the 2nd one. I read lots of books and this one was up there with my 10 best.
    Keep the coming.

  4. Maddy says:

    Thank you for your book and for your example. Your book is not only good for the lesbian community… It IS A GOOD BOOK. It is well written, inspirational, deep. And about your example… I pray that I could have at least half of the courage you do. THANK YOU.

  5. I think all of us look for ourselves in others as a way to bond in bits and pieces. So it’s nice to know, like you, I love for animals, had a grandmother who greatly influenced my life, enjoy an affinity with nature, and cherish the love of one woman over the better part of my life. (Plus, I was born 30 miles west of where you now live.) Your dogs are beautiful. Your life sounds so. I enjoyed reading this and look forward to more.

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