A Kiss Before Dawn


“A Kiss Before Dawn”

Country girl Chris Martel has struggled all her life to form strong,
lasting relationships. For Chris, love, compassion, and trust are
critical. In their absence, Chris has turned to her dog and her horse
for the emotional fulfillment she craves. Then along comes Mary Jo

Fresh out of veterinary school, Mary Jo inadvertently antagonizes Chris
with her overconfident assumptions about how to care for animals. She
comes to learn that Chris’s practical experience provides both a wealth
of knowledge and a friendship unlike any she’s ever known.

The carefully built walls around Chris’s heart begin to crumble as she
acknowledges the unfamiliar feelings evoked by being with Mary Jo. Just
as she believes she’s found the happiness that had always eluded her,
someone from Chris’s past comes back into her life, intent on winning
Chris’s affections, no matter what the cost.

Can the love between Chris and Mary Jo survive so that they can share A
Kiss Before Dawn?



kbd4 (1)




~ Finalist Best Lesbian Debut Novel &  Finalist Best Lesbian Romance

~ Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award Finalist


5 Responses to A Kiss Before Dawn

  1. Susie Clearwater says:

    I want an autographed copy too – if not for me – for Lizzie!!! (cause it is her 13th birthday you know)

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  4. Francine Volker says:

    Would like to find a copy. Copies sold through various online brokers – for hundreds! So…where can I buy a copy?

  5. j. good says:

    I second that!!! I have been wanting to read “A Kiss Before Dawn”, preferably an e-copy, but I am not opposed to purchasing a reasonably priced paperback.

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