In the Stillness of Dawn

Coming in 2015!

Fully recovered physically and emotionally from the near fatal assault, Chris Martel built a highly regarded reputation for Went Farm as a top-notch foaling farm. In fact the demand for stalls has necessitated the building of an addition onto the barn. More horses means more work. Under pressure from her partner, Mary Jo Cavanaugh and her Gram, Chris relents and eventually hires Mitch Jordan to assist with the additional load.

When her mentor and employer, Doc Hall decides to retire, Mary Jo takes over the equine veterinary practice and inherits a huge clientele as well as all the problems associated with running it. Her days are spent in surgery and treating patients. The remaining hours of the day are spent tending to the business. The extra responsibilities and work load leaves her exhausted despite hiring an additional vet.

Chris and Mary Jo feel the stress of their busy lives on their relationship. Mary Jo is too tired to do anything but fall into bed exhausted and Chris is missing her.

Mitch is single, cute and exceptionally good with the horses. A fast friendship forms and eases some of Chris’s loneliness. But does Mitch want more? Does Chris?

Chris finds herself questioning herself, her relationship and her morals. Is her commitment to Mary Jo strong enough to survive Chris’s doubts?


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